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2024 Summer Camp Guide
2024 Summer Camp Guidep

Food Tips & Recipes

By Eben Copple, Yardley Inn Executive Chef

Turkey Cooking TipsTURKEY TIPS
Thanksgiving...the holiday of food, food, food. So much time is put into planning and preparing the meal shared with family and friends. Inevitably, the turkey, centerpiece of the laden table, causes the most worry , fear , and trepidation. Let’s be honest here...how many turkeys will you cook in a year? One…if even that one. It’s no surprise that the big bird causes all kinds of problems; most people are just not used to cooking them. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your fowl will not be foul. Read More

How to Braise MeatsBRAISING MEATS
As we leave the warmth of summer, most of us will combat the chill with heartwarming stews and braises. With braising, you’re taking a cut of meat that is inedible when cooked a short period of time and, through the clever use of slow, moist heat, transforming it into something tender and flavorful. Let Eben Copple, Executive Chef of The Yardley Inn, share his secret for the perfect braise. Your friends and relatives will elevate you to Master Chef with this technique. Read More

When summer rolls around, I always think of caponata, a dish of cooked and marinated summer vegetables served room-temperature as a side dish or antipasto just about everywhere in Italy. Read More

Tips for an Herb GardenTIPS FOR AN HERB GARDEN
We use a ton of herbs in the summertime at the inn. In our case, we simply cross the street to our riverside garden and snip off what we need right before we use it. The intensity of freshly picked herbs can't be faked. Having a few herbs planted in pots or in a garden plot can revolutionize your cooking for the season. Read More