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Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson
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I have been singing all my long as I can remember I was singing songs. I consider that as the beginning of my love with music and my life as a musician. As a kid I would even put on musicals in my garage! When I was sixteen I got my first instrument, a guitar, and taught myself to time I was seventeen I was performing "professionally". I have also loved to create all mediums, and am very serious about that too. So, when it was time for me to go to college, I ended up starting out as an art major at Columbia College in Chicago. But after 2 years into my studies I found myself totally involved with music. I was singing and performing in bands regularly around Chicago and sang at some of the biggest venues, Taste of Chicago, Chicagofest, clubs and parties. One party we even open for James Brown!! . I then felt that a more serious study of music was important, and I switched my major and moved to the American Conservatory of Music to study Classical Guitar. Pretty much after I got my degree, started doing art again for many years! When I returned to music it was with the Classical repertoire. I practiced hours and hours a day for several years...even prepared and performed a solo recital and performed my classical for various venues. Then, after moving into the Philadelphia area, singing started to slip into my life again. First I started with the Jazz Standards.... I loved arranging and even wrote extra lyrics for them, it was fun! But, finally realized that perhaps I should try to write songs of my own. I found something else I just love to do, writing songs! In 2009 I entered a song writing contest with the Philadelphia Songwriters Project and I was a winner!! So much more to say..but this can be a start!

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