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Bucks County Outdoor-Related Resources

The Heritage Conservancy
Based in Doylestown, PA, Heritage Conservancy is an accredited, not-for-profit conservation organization that specializes in open space preservation, planning for sustainable communities, natural resource protection, property stewardship, historic preservation, adaptive reuse of existing structures, wildlife habitat restoration and biodiversity.
Awesome Adventure Women
Awesome Adventure Women was founded in 2005 by Michelle Halbsgut. Her passion for the outdoors and adventure inspired her to form an adventure group for women who want to try new activities, challenge themselves or simply get out and enjoy the outdoors with like-minded women.
Appalachian Mountain Club - Delaware Valley Chapter
The Delaware Valley Chapter of AMC has over 5,000 members in Pennsylvania, Middle & Southern NJ, and Northern Delaware. The Chapter offers day hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, winter mountaineering, trail maintenance, conservation cleanups, educational workshops, meetings and programs throughout the year.
Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network Project
AMC is collaboratively planning a trail network that seeks to protect and connect the ecological and recreational assets of the Pennsylvania Highlands and to create "close-to-home" outdoor recreational opportunities. The Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network will extend the Highlands Trail (130 miles in New York and New Jersey) across the Pennsylvania Highlands, roughly 1.9 million acres from south-central PA at the Maryland border to New Jersey including 13 counties (including Bucks & Montgomery).
Greater Philadelphia Environmental Network
Environmental Organizations, News, Articles, Jobs and more in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County Pennsylvania
Hawk Mountain
Located in east-central Pennsylvania, Hawk Mountain is the world's first refuge for birds of prey. Open year-round, visitors enjoy scenic vistas, 8-miles of ridge and valley trails, a Visitor Center, Bookstore, and native plant garden, and each autumn, the chance to observe large numbers of hawks, eagle and falcons as they migrate past our lookouts. Operating as a non-profit eco-tourism site, your trail fee or membership dues directly support scientific research, public education and Sanctuary maintenance.
Bucks County Audubon Society
The Bucks County Audubon Society at Honey Hollow (BCAS) is a private, non-profit organization founded as a chapter of the National Audubon Society in 1969. Since its inception, BCAS has been dedicated to conserving wildlife, promoting awareness of environmental problems, watching birds, educating the community about the interdependence of humans and their world, and furthering the wise use of land, air, and water.

The Honey Hollow Visitor's Center is located on the Honey Hollow Watershed in Solebury Township. Due to the early conservation work carried out by local farmers and the Soil Conservation Service, the entire Honey Hollow Creek watershed was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1969. It remains the only agriculturally based National Historic Landmark in the United States. The Center is open to school and community groups for educational programs throughout the year. Educational programs have been conducted here for over 30 years.
Delaware Riverkeeper Network
The Delaware Riverkeeper Network, staunchly champions the needs of the Delaware river and in so doing ensures its unfettered ability to protect and provide for all the human and nonhuman communities that love, appreciate and depend upon it.
The Nature Conservancy of Pennsylvania
The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.
Bucks County Open Space and Agricultural Preservation Programs
In May 1997, voters overwhelmingly approved a $59 million bond referendum to fund the Bucks County Open Space Program, which focuses on preserving farmland, providing park and recreation areas, and protecting unique natural and environmental features. Overall, the Open Space Program has achieved great success and will leave its mark on the Bucks County landscape for generations to come. As of October 2007, the Bucks County Open Space Program has completed over 290 projects totaling more than 13,500 acres.
Regional Greenspace Priorities of Southeastern Pennsylvania
The Regional Greenspace Priorities Project identifies and prioritizes land for future open space preservation and acquisition in the five-county southeastern Pennsylvania area. The report prioritizes open space for three distinct purposes: agricultural preservation, conservation of ecological resources, and natural resource-based recreation. The project was originally released in 2004 by the GreenSpace Alliance (GSA), a coalition of conservation and smart growth organizations seeking to promote and implement a vision of regionally significant open spaces. In 2006, the open space prioritization analyses were revised with more up-to-date data.
Bucks County Conservation District
The Bucks County Conservation District mission is to provide for the wise use, management and development of the county's soil, water and related natural resources. This is accomplished with the cooperation of public agencies, private groups and individuals. As a unit of State government, The Bucks County Conservation District works to help people and the community take care of the natural resources in Bucks County including soil, water, wildlife, trees and other plants. Using natural resources wisely helps to insure their availability well into the future.
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Established on July 1, 1995, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is charged with maintaining and preserving the 117 state parks; managing the 2.1 million acres of state forest land; providing information on the state's ecological and geologic resources; and establishing community conservation partnerships with grants and technical assistance to benefit rivers, trails, greenways, local parks and recreation, regional heritage parks, open space and natural areas.
Pennsylvania Greenways
The Pennsylvania Greenways Program is a growing partnership of government and private organizations that are working together to establish a greenways network. Greenways differ in their location and function, but overall, a greenway will protect natural, cultural, and scenic resources, provide recreational benefits, enhance natural beauty and quality of life in neighborhoods and communities, and stimulate economic development opportunities.
Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center
The Aark provides temporary sanctuary for thousands of injured and orphaned birds and mammals annually. The Aark sets broken bones, treats illnesses, and provides food and shelter for birds and mammals that have been injured or have been orphaned and are too young to care for themselves. The goal is to return these creatures to their natural environment as quickly as possible, able to fend for themselves. Every effort is made to avoid interfering with the development of those natural characteristics that each wild creature requires to survive in the wild. Annually more than 5,000 birds and mammals find aid and shelter at the doors of the Aark.